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Your own personal Airport Arrival Board!This watch is meant to be used when you work across timezones.For clarity, this is *not* a Flight Tracker app.
Airports Galore:While main time on top matches the phone's, the other 4 are configurable.You chose each timezone by entering the airport IATA code (like JFK=New York).
This is actually a great cheat sheet for IATA exams :)I hope you will enjoy Airport settings panels, which performs airports lookup in realtime.
In 12h mode, you will notice that there is an am/pm indicator next to the minute digits.
Battery level:Battery level is represented twice:
Gate numbers match current battery level (minus % symbol)Flight statuses are based on battery level. Without disclosing the full goodness, all flights should be "On Time" when you have 100% and they should all be "Canceled" when you reach 10%. With all combinations in between!
Features:- Main Time- 4 configurable time zones- Day of Week- Day of Month- Battery Level- Knows about 6k airports (5878)Most airport names where imported then truncated to 12 characters to fit the screen.Please drop us a note if your favorite airport as been truncated in a way that makes it unusable.
This one was a great challenge to put together, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.
If you have questions or comments about this watch, please reach out to support@seenapps.comYou can also follow us on twitter @seenapps or on our website at